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Plano Car Detail

Car Wash in Plano, TX

At Plano Car Detailing, we wash vehicles by hand! 🙂 Typically, an automatic car wash provides a “touchless wash”. Luckily, washing cars by hand produces an excellent shine on the exterior of the vehicle. If you’re searching for a mobile detailing service, then schedule our car detailing service in Plano TX!

Do you wash cars by hand? Unfortunately, washing cars by hand is a lot more work… However, the results speak from themselves! Whenever we use an automatic car wash, we are usually disappointed with the final results. Although automatic washes are convenient, the premium options cost $30+. At Plano Car Detail, we use Meguiar’s products to wash cars! We don’t utilize inferior car detailing products because they may damage the car paint. In addition to hand washing, we hand dry vehicles too. The local car washes have air dryers, but they leave water spots on the car.

Plano Auto Detail
Auto Detailing Plano
Mobile Car Detailing Plano

Mobile Car Wash Services

At Plano Car Detail, we treat customers like family. When we work on your vehicle, rest assured that our professional detailers are going above and beyond! Although we aren’t the cheapest option in Plano, our customers love us. When we wash cars, we pre-soak the cars to loosen the dirt on the exterior. After the pre-soak sits for a few minutes, we use high-grade car wash products to clean the vehicle. Have you ever used towels from the Chemical Guys? We started using the towels in 2021, and we love them! They aren’t sponges, but they effortlessly remove dirt, dust, and road grime from the paint. If you’re not careful, those decontaminates may scratch the paint of the car. Eventually, dirty cars will decay the clear coat on your vehicle. When you notice scratches on your car, then look into scratch removal services! In Plano, the hot temperatures will peel the paint on your car. At Plano Auto Detail, we use products specifically designed to extend the life of your paint. We invest in our employees, and they will offer you a professional car detailing service in your driveway! We travel to our customers, so you can save precious time.