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Plano Car Detail

Exterior Car Detailing

In Plano TX, we are the leading car detailing service! At Plano Car Detailing, we provide professional auto detailing services with extra attention on the small details. In regards to our exterior car detailing, we offer exterior packages that are perfect for residents of Plano. Although scratch removal isn’t included in our basic package, we strive to leave the exterior of your vehicle spotless. 

Typically, we begin our exterior details with an exterior wash. We use premium microfiber towels to clean your car without scratching the paint. After the paint is clean. we use a clay bar to remove the surface decontamination from the clear coat. Generally, clay bars remove tar, brake dust, and other road grime from your automobile. We fully clean the body of the vehicle, then we focus on the rims, tires, wheel wells, door jambs, and trunk jamb. Additionally, we clean the exterior windows to a streak-free shine. 

Plano Auto Detail
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Exterior Auto Detailing in Plano, TX

If you’ve recently purchased an automobile, then our basic detailing packages are for you! Typically, we don’t recommend our basic services for older vehicles that need lots of attention. At Plano Car Detail, we understand the disappointment when your new car is covered in dirt, dust, and debris. We wash cars by hand, and we focus on the exterior of the vehicle until the paint is gleaming. Although we competitively price our products, we strive to offer affordable packages in Plano, TX. We provide professional car detailing, and we offer a better detailing service than the automatic car washes! If you’re searching for paint correction in Plano, then we’re the company to call.

Although we don’t usually detail classic cars, we train our employees to work on every type of vehicle: cars, sports utility vehicles, and trucks. If you have a classic car or a hand-restored car, then chances are you put a lot of time and effort into keeping it look beautiful. Though you may be hesitant to let somebody else clean it, we have the skills to take your baby to the next level. Well keep the clear coat shining, the tires black, and the rims sparkling in the sun. At Plano Auto Detailing, we only use the highest grade, premium products, so you never have to worry about subpar products damaging your paint. We offer plenty of exterior services, and we’ve recently had a few headlight restoration jobs.