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Headlight Restoration in Plano, TX

Have you been driving with foggy headlights? If the plastic headlight covers are opaque, then your headlights aren’t as bright as they could be. Typically, bright headlight provide better visibility while driving at night. We don’t recommend driving with foggy headlights due to the inherent dangers involved. Although headlights may still have working bulbs, bright headlights are a necessity to staying safe on the roads. When foggy headlights limit your view, other vehicles may have trouble seeing you on the roads too. Especially in bad weather, poor headlights result in dangerous driving conditions. 

Luckily, we offer headlight restoration as part of our car detailing services in Plano TX. If you’re looking to restore your headlights, then schedule an mobile detailing appointment with us.

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Headlight Restoration Services

Although dirty headlights are dangerous, there a few different reasons why headlights appear cloudy. First, oxidation has tarnished the headlight lenses. Throughout the years, acrylic headlights have been susceptible to oxidation due to exposure from UV rays. Typically, headlights come with a clear coat to prevent this, but it wears off eventually. After the clear coat decays, the sun turns your clear headlight lenses into hard yellow plastic. In addition to oxidation, headlights could also be dirty due to scratches from road debris. Last, headlights could have water vapor trapped on the inside of the lenses. Have you seen the commercials for headlight restoration? Well, restoring headlights isn’t that easy. At Plano Car Detailing, our exterior detailing services will restore your headlights in no time! If you’d like to learn more about us, then visit our about page