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Interior Car Detailing

Are you searching for an interior detail in Plano TX? Well, Plano Car Detailing has the detailing packages for you! Generally, we offer a few interior detailing packages. Although we don’t include stain removal in every package, we strive to provide thorough interior details for the residents of Plano, TX. We commence our interior details with an exhaustive vacuuming service. After removing the trash from the vehicle, we begin deep-cleaning the interior of the car. As the premier detailing service in Plano, we provide professional interior details. 

Obviously, interior details are designed to clean the interior of a car. In the past few weeks, we’ve detailed the interior of many vehicles. We don’t always include stain removal from seats, but our customers don’t mind paying for a professional-grade mobile detailing service. At Plano Car Detail, we utilize premium-grade products from Meguiar’s to effectively clean the cabin.

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Interior Auto Detailing in Plano, TX

Are you considering cleaning your car? Well, the first step to interior detailing involves removing garbage from the car. After the trash has been taken care of, we turn our attention to the floor mats. Do you have Weather-Tech mats, Husky Liners, or carpet mats? Regardless, we always clean the floor mats to the best of our ability. If you have dirty carpet mats, then we’ll use a drill brush to deep-clean the mats. However, Weather-Tech mats are a bit easier. If you have removable rubber mats, then we’ll use a pressure washer (with soap) to clean off the mats. Unfortunately, we often hear customers complain about mildew in their cars… After cleaning mats, we always let them air dry to avoid mildew! In addition to cleaning the mats, we vacuum the interior carpets beneath the mats. It’s impossible to remove every little bit of dust, but we get pretty darn close! The vacuum won’t reach every crevice of the car, so it’s important to have an air compressor nearby. We use an air compressor to blast the dirt away from the unreachable cracks, and this process fluffs the carpet too. We use air compressors on the interior, but we use air compressors on the exterior to dry the car too! In addition to the previous steps, we utilize other equipment too! We use a soft brush on the console, dashboard, and doors. After completing the majority of our detail, we turn our focus to the upholstery. 

Typically, luxury vehicles have leather upholstery. At Plano Auto Detailing, we have special leather conditioners to clean your leather while keeping it soft. It’s essential to maintain leather in cars, and we have a proven process to maintain leather seats. If you don’t adequately take care of your leather, then it will crack, fade, and split. Although we enjoy working on leather upholstery, we enjoy working on cloth upholstery too! With our experience, we understand that cloth upholstery is much tougher to clean than leather upholstery. We clean cloth seats often, and we usually have to remove stains from the seats. Although this process is tedious, we have special shampoos to clean the seats. Are in interested in learning more about us? If so, click here!