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We offer paint correction in Plano, TX!

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Paint Correction in Plano, TX

Hi! Do you need paint correction services in Plano, TX? Luckily, we offer paint correction to the residents of Plano, Texas. Does your vehicle has scratches on the doors? If so, we’ll correct the paint! We don’t recommend performing paint correction at home, as correcting paint is a difficult process. First, you need to remove the decontaminates from the clear coat. After cleaning the surface of the vehicle, car detailers polish the paint. At Plano Auto Detailing, we use Meguair’s M105 & Meguiar’s M205 polishes. Obviously, paint correction is the most challenging aspect of exterior car detailing. Without proper training, the wrong equipment (or product) on your vehicle can leave swirl marks, which are quite obvious in the sun. If your vehicle has swirl marks, then you need our mobile detailing services! In addition to correcting light scratches, we treat oxidation on paint too. If your car has foggy spots on the car, then you need our services to remove the oxidation.

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Paint Correction Services

Over the years, we have developed professional paint correction processes. We correct paint with a multi-step process. First, we remove defects from the paint. Second, we remove minor scratches using premium polish. Third, we continue removing scratches by using other polishes. If you’re searching for professional car detailing, then give us a call! In addition to paint correction, we’ve mastered headlight restoration too! It’s dangerous to drive with foggy headlights, so let us clear them up.